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Constructive Dismissal Uk Law Do you feel you are the victim of constructive dismissal from your place of work and you are now seeking genuine help and advice in regards to the UK law surrounding this? You should seek out the friendly and helpful advice from one of the legal team at Oakwood Solicitors who can provide you with free help and advice and they may be able to start the compensation claims process on your behalf should you wish them to do so.

Constructive dismissal is defined as when you are forced to leave your job against your will because of your employer’s conduct. The reasons you were forced to leave your job must be serious and can include any number of the following:

? Your employer was aware that you were being harassed or bullied and took no actions to stop this or they participated in the act themselves.

? Your employer did not pay your full wage or did not pay you at all.

? They demoted you for no reason whatsoever and forced you to take a pay cut.

? They changed your working environment standards and forced you to accept these unreasonable changes. For example they made you work night shifts when your contract stated you are only required to do day shifts.

As stated above the reason for you leaving must be extremely serious however it does not have to be one incident that forces you to leave it could be a series of smaller incidents that when put together are classed as serious. It is important that you try and sort out any issues by speaking to your employer to solve the dispute. If they failed to do this then it is important that you leave your job immediately as failure to do so can allow your employer to argue that by staying you accepted this new level of conduct or treatment.

Unfortunately constructive dismissal does occur in the UK on a regular basis; however if this has occurred to you then you should speak to the employment law specialists at Oakwood Solicitors who may be able to build a case which will have enough merit to achieve compensation from your employer.

Oakwood Solicitors received an enquiry on the 1st August 2012 from Mr L from Gloucester who believed that he was the victim of constructive dismissal.

Oakwood Solicitors would make a claim for Mr L through an employment tribunal which is an independent non-departmental body which solves disputes between employers and employees. This body has set criteria which you must meet if you are looking at making a compensation claim and we would have discussed this with Mr L on an individual basis.

If you believe you are the victim of constructive dismissal in the UK then you should speak to one of the employment law specialists at Oakwood Solicitors who can discuss your eligibility free of charge today on:0844 844 9866.

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