Convictions for violent crime again women and girls at all-time high

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Figures published today by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) show that in England and Wales, convictions for crimes against women and girls have increased again and are now at an all-time high; increases were predominately across all categories including rape, domestic abuse and stalking.[dt_gap height=”8″ /]

The internet is now playing a major role in abuse, as more and more women and girls are been approached online, then being groomed and abused.[dt_gap height=”8″ /]

Abbie Keech, Solicitor and Director at Oakwood Solicitors commented “This is a worrying trend, but the police, CPS and Prosecutors are now all working together on tackling this major issue, all relevant parties have now been trained on things like cyber enabled abuse and harassment as this is a growing and worrying trend.”

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The figures show that social media is been used more and more to perpetrate these crimes, but along with email and mobile phone abuse, online crime leaves a trace that can be used to track down offenders and secure prosecutions. Social media is becoming such a big issue for women that it is also now factored into restraining orders.

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The figures are truly shocking, according to figures, in the year to April – 107,000 individuals were prosecuted for violence and harassment against women and girls in England and Wales – an all-time high; and this led to 78,000 convictions.

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Ms Keech continued “It is brilliant news that more offenders are being brought to justice, this type of case can be very complex to take through the justice system, but over the past couple of years huge gains have been made with understanding these crimes in particular. This in turn empowers more victims to come forward and report cases.”

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Oakwood Solicitors work with victims of violence and abuse to help them get compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

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“We know how distressing cases like this are for victims, many of them go through the abuse on a daily basis and it can feel like pure torture for them. Whilst we cannot remove the experience from the memory of victims, we can ensure that they receive the compensation that they deserve.”

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You can find more information on our Criminal Injury page.

If you have been the victim of a physical or sexual assault we can help you claim your compensation. Call us now on 0844 499 9302 or email to make a claim, or alternatively click here to start your claim.

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