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Current Employment Legislation – ML Expert Solicitors Team; Are you seeking expert legal advice and guidance to determine whether or not your company’s policies comply with current employment legislation at your organisation in Leeds? Then don?t hesitate to call the highly qualified and experienced employment and commercial law experts at Oakwood Solicitors who could offer you the guidance that you need and assist you in incorporating current employment legislation into your company policy and procedures.

Personnel Today published an article on 26 April 2013 written by John Ecclestone reporting that "Government announces employment law changes and new Act".

The article goes on to say that "The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill received Royal Assent on 25 April 2013 making it the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 and opening the door for a number of employment law changes".

If further adds that "The new Act will bring about key changes to employment law and tribunal procedures some of which will come into force as early as June 2013. These include an amendment to the Employment Writes Act 1996 which will mean whistleblowing disclosures will not be protected unless the employee believes they are in the public interest as well as changes to the "good faith" requirements relating to whistleblowing disclosures."

The article also reports that "From June 2013 the two-year qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims will no longer apply where the reason for the dismissal is the employee’s political opinions or affiliation. The Government confirmed that provisions in the Act simplifying the procedures and costs of deciding tribunal cases will come into force on 25 June 2013."

Have you had an employee threaten employment tribunal action against you in matters relating to breaches in current employment legislation at your organisation in Leeds? Then you should make a no obligation call the employment commercial law experts at Oakwood Solicitors to discuss the case and discover how our dedicated team could act on your behalf to strive to resolve the issue as quickly and cost effectively as possible for you using alternative dispute resolution methods but could also offer robust legal representation should litigation become unavoidable.

The above-mentioned article does also report on a number of other key changes under the act which are due to come into force in October 2013 or April 2014 which are likely to include:

? A repeal of a section of the Equality act 2010 which makes an employer liable where an individual is harassed by a third-party
? The addition of ‘caste’ to the definition of ‘race’ to the Equality Act 2010
? Tribunals hearing an unfair dismissal claim will be unable to take into account discussions between an employer and an employee or an offer made prior to the termination of employment with the aim of ending the contract of agreed terms.

For accurate and personalised advice and guidance from experienced legal professionals with regard to current employment legislation and for assistance in implementing this into your company’s policies at your organisation in Leeds or for swift and cost effective resolution of employment dispute concerning unfair treatment or breaches in current employment legislation call the experts at Oakwood Solicitors today on: 0113 200 9720.


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