Cyclist almost knocked off bike in North London

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Video has emerged (below) of a row that started when a cyclist was almost knocked off his bike by the driver of a Toyota Prius; this in turn has started a debate as to whether the cyclist or the driver of the car were to blame for the incident that occurred as the cyclist was overtaking and the taxi driver pulled across his path in an attempt to turn right.

An onlooker is clearly heard to say “You shouldn’t be overtaking on the inside like that, to which the cyclist responds “He’s got wing mirrors”.

So who is in the wrong?


Rob Crompton, Head of RTA, commented “In reality, these types of accidents are extremely common. All experienced car drivers know that both pedal cyclists and motorcyclists regularly undertake these types of manoeuvres, yet make ill-considered manoeuvres of their own without checking their mirrors and blind spots.”

“Similarly, cyclists tend not to appreciate how vulnerable they are and will overtake at speed, close to vehicles without considering the potential risks posed by car drivers. In this case the cyclist should have exercised reasonable care whilst overtaking in the vicinity of the junction and the car driver should have checked that it was clear to commence his manoeuvre before doing so.”

“Sorry to disappoint everyone by sitting on the fence, but from a legal perspective, this would likely settle on a split liability basis.”

We would appreciate your views, watch the video below and make your own mind up.


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