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Is your corporate business looking for a solicitors firm who can help you in the debt enforcement process whilst ensuring that all outstanding debt is recovered to your business in the UK as quickly as possible? The dedicated professionals working at Oakwood Solicitors can provide pragmatic advice in regards to all aspects of debt recovery including the enforcement process and they will be able to use their wealth of knowledge to ensure that all outstanding funds are recovered to your business in the most effective way.

The various different options in regards to debt recovery in the UK

When looking at the field of “debt recovery” there are many different methods that your business can take to recover the outstanding debt. Before taking forceful legal action it may be beneficial to look at pre-legal services as they can be more cost-effective for your business. Our team are extremely successful in regards to recovering outstanding debt using these methods and these include drafting letters threatening legal action performing telephone calls chasing the outstanding debt on your behalf and issuing a Late Payment Demand which fully complies with the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2002. If however these particular methods are unfortunately unsuccessful then our team will be able to issue legal proceedings at County Court to help you obtain a CCJ.

Obtaining a CCJ – the process of obtaining a County Court Judgement with Oakwood Solicitors could not be simpler; however following this we will then be able to discuss the various different methods to help you enforce this judgement. Depending on the size of the debt that you are looking at recovering and the debtor involved in the case will vary on which enforcement methods we feel will be beneficial to your organisation however you can be fully assured that our experts are extremely experienced in this field and they will only select the most appropriate available enforcement method for your organisation.

If my business is looking for advice in regards to debt enforcement laws and legislations and how my business can go about recouping outstanding debt in the UK will I be appointed with one legally trained expert or do I need to speak to a range of different specialists if I speak with Oakwood Solicitors?

Although we are a large national firm we do strongly believe in a personal service and therefore we provide all our clients with one legally trained expert who will happily manage the entire process of debt recovery on your behalf from start to finish. This expert will happily provide you with advice throughout the process and they will update you on a regular basis with regards to the progression of the case.

Our reputable team are contacted on a regular basis in regards to businesses that need to recover and retrieve outstanding debt and we were recently contacted by an organisation that was looking for advice in regards to recouping £1440.28 from Mr H who was based in Bradford.

If your organisation needs helpful advice in regards to any aspect of debt recovery enforcement then you can contact the team at Oakwood Solicitors who will gladly provide your business in the UK with a free no obligation consultation today on:0844 847 2323.


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