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Debt Recovery Agency Fees; Is your business struggling due to unpaid invoices and you would now like assistance from a debt recovery agency and information on the fees associated in and around the Doncaster area? If so the team Oakwood Solicitors have all the experience needed to be able to guide you through the debt recovery process and ensuring you reach a suitable resolution in a cost effective and timely manner.

Oakwood Solicitors have built an impeccable reputation over the past 10 years and our business and success rate has grown from strength to strength. It is for this reason that we were contacted by a potential client who was owed an amount of £1359.36 by Mr H of Milton Keynes. Our client had tried on numerous occasions to collect this debt but the customer had shown no indication that they intended to settle what they owed.

At Oakwood Solicitors we appreciate everyone’s circumstances are different and it is this reason that when you first contact us we will arrange a free no obligation consultation so we can identify all the facts surrounding your particular debt recovery concern. Some of the information we will try to establish is:

• The amount of the debt concerned and any additional costs which have been incurred due to the late payment
• What previous attempts you made to collect on this debt
• If the debtor is either unwilling or unable to settle what they owe
• The status of your relationship with the debtor and whether this needs to be maintained following the outcome of your case

Once we have identified your legal position with this debt we will then make recommendations on the next best course of action to resolve the situation. In addition if we found in our investigations at the debtor is unable to pay what they owe; we will advise you if we feel it is viable for us to pursue the case on your behalf.

My company is experiencing financial difficulties due to the outstanding invoices we have with our customers I am now looking for assistance from the debt recovery agency and further information on their associated fees in and around Doncaster; do Oakwood Solicitors of experience in this field and would they be able to help me to achieve a successful resolution to my current financial concerns?

Our team believe that keeping things simple is the best way to recover an outstanding debt we understand that the debt recovery process can be extremely stressful for an organisation and that recovering the debt yourself can be an extremely time consuming process. We aim to take all the hassle out of debt recovery for your organisation which therefore means that your focus can remain on the day-to-day operations of your business whilst feeling confident that your financial concerns have been dealt with by a trustworthy company.

If your organisation needs further assistance with debt recovery and you are looking for more information on the agency fees associated with helping you resolve your financial concerns in the Doncaster area; you should contact the team at Oakwood Solicitors today who will be more than willing to give you all the support you need to reach a speedy resolution to your debt recovery. Call us today on: (0844) 847 2323


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