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Debt Recovery Lawyers; Is your business seeking the services of a highly successful panel of debt recovery lawyers who can provide advice and guidance to your organisation in York? Are you struggling with a commercial client or consumer as they have failed to pay for a product or service that you provided to them and you are now looking for debt recovery services from an expert panel of lawyers? The team at Oakwood Solicitors have a panel of lawyers that specifically practice in the field of debt recovery and they will be able to provide you with dedicated and tailored advice to ensure that you receive all outstanding funds owed to your business in an effective and economical fashion.

The reputable team at Oakwood Solicitors have developed many effective solutions in regards to debt recovery and they ensure that they tailor a campaign designed specifically around the outcome that their clients are looking to achieve. They are happy to discuss the various different options available to you and there are many benefits to using the lawyers at Oakwood Solicitors and some include:

• The lawyers at Oakwood Solicitors can provide your business with a free no obligation consultation and during this discussion they are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to the debt recovery services that we provide.
• We tailor an approach designed specifically around the outcome that a business is looking to receive to ensure the most cost-effective methods are selected for clients in the UK.
• Our team practice specifically in this field of law and therefore you can be assured the advice and expertise on offer here is “second to none”.
• Our fees are extremely competitive and if legal action is needed our team may be able to recover some of our fees from this particular party.
• We are happy to provide you with advice on how to avoid debt problems in the future and we work as an extension of your existing credit control department.
Can you provide my business with an example of a client that recently contacted the highly successful debt recovery lawyers working at Oakwood Solicitors; as my commercial organisation in York is looking to do the same?

Of course; we are able to assist businesses of any size across the UK and because of our success rate in this field we do receive many enquiries from businesses on a regular basis. We were recently contacted by an organisation that was looking to retrieve £577.72 from Ms B who was from Bury and the dedicated and expert team here at Oakwood Solicitors will have advised this client on whether we could start the debt collection process on their behalf.

If your organisation is looking for a highly successful panel of debt recovery lawyers that can provide pragmatic solutions to your organisation in York then you can contact the dedicated professionals working at Oakwood Solicitors to discuss your requirements today on:0844 847 2323.


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