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Debt Recovery Solicitor; Is your organisation looking for advice from a highly successful debt recovery solicitor that can provide effective solutions to recouping outstanding finances owed to your business in Doncaster? The team at Oakwood Solicitors can provide your business with advice and assistance in regards to all aspects of debt recovery and we will be able to appoint you with one legally trained expert who will happily manage the process of debt collection on your behalf using only the most appropriate available method for your organisation.

How the recession has caused many businesses to struggle with outstanding debt

The recession in the UK has played a major part in many organisations struggling with outstanding debts as individuals and organisations are now more inclined to trying keep hold of their finances for as long as physically possible. An article which was published in the Daily Mail on 25 April 2013 discusses the economic climate in the UK and how we have narrowly avoided a triple dip recession. A particular section of this article reads “A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of decline and Britain have suffered too since the financial crisis struck – the first in 2008-09 and the second in 2011-12. Growth was driven by the dominant services sector the bounce back in North See oil and gas production and soaring demand for energy as households turned up the heating during the cold snap. Output from service firms – which range from hairdressers and hotels to accountants and train operators rose by 0.6 per cent.”

Although the growth in the UK economy is good news for many businesses across the UK many organisations are still struggling with outstanding debt owed by commercial clients or consumers. It is however your legal right as a business to be paid for a product or service that you provided and the team at Oakwood Solicitors can provide you with advice and assistance in regards to recovering any outstanding debt owed to your company.

So if my organisation decides to speak to the team at Oakwood Solicitors whoappoint me with a specialist debt recovery solicitor for my organisation’s needs in Doncaster; what services will this expert provide?

This will all vary depending on your individual circumstances and the debtor involved in the case as we tailor our campaigns designed specifically around the outcome that you are looking to achieve. By tailoring a campaign on your behalf you can be assured that the most effective method is selected for your business and that no unnecessary paths are taken that could cost your business time and money.

Because of this effective service that we do provide commercial clients across the UK we do receive many enquiries from organisations daily and we were recently contacted by a business that needed advice and assistance in regards to recovering £893.52 from Ms J who was based in Wigan.

If your organisation needs help and advice in regards to the debt recovery process then you can contact Oakwood Solicitors who will more than happily appoint you with one specialist solicitor who will manage the entire process from start to finish on your behalf in Doncaster so why not call our team for a free no obligation discussion of your enquiry today on:0844 847 2323.


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