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Is your organisation looking for a highly successful solicitors firm that can provide a variety of debt recovery solutions across the UK as a consumer or commercial client has failed to pay you for a product or service that you provided? The dedicated and professional team working at Oakwood Solicitors can provide legal assistance and advice to businesses across the UK and as our team practice specifically in this field of law you can be assured that the advice that they provide you with is up-to-date and tailored to your needs.

The solutions on offer at Oakwood Solicitors in regards to debt recovery

The team at Oakwood Solicitors always ensure that businesses across the UK receive the best possible advice available in regards to debt recovery they will appoint you with one legally trained expert who practices specifically in this field and they can provide legal assistance and advice which will be tailored to your individual circumstances. Although all our clients do contact us for debt collection advice many businesses will also have other requirements that need to be taken into consideration. Unlike other solicitors firms who do provide a generic three or four step process our team believe in a personal service and therefore we will be able to discuss the various different options available to you and tailor our campaign depending on your circumstances.

During a free no obligation consultation we will be asking you many different questions to get a thorough understanding of your business including the amount of debt that is owed to your business how long the debt has been overdue what product or service you provided to this client if your business has tried to recover the debt already and whether your business needs to keep a relationship with this client in the future. Following this our team will then be able to design a debt recovery solution depending on the details that you provide us with during this consultation and you can therefore be assured that your desired outcome is the same outcome that we are looking to achieve.

If I decide to speak to the team at Oakwood Solicitors to discuss debt recovery solutions appropriate for my organisation in the UK; how much will this cost me?

Our team can provide you with a free consultation; however the cost for our services do vary depending on the size of the debt and how long it takes for the debtor to pay in full. We will however always look to charge the majority of our fees to the third party involved and we are always upfront and honest about any fees that we will be charging your business. Because of the solutions that we are able to provide businesses with across the UK in regards to debt recovery we do receive many enquiries from organisations nationwide and we were recently contacted by a business that needed to recover £473.04 from Mr J who was from Bradford.

If your organisation needs debt recovery advice from a highly successful solicitors firm who can provide pragmatic and personalised solutions to your business in the UK then you can contact the team at Oakwood Solicitors for advice and assistance today on:0844 847 2323.


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