Delta Airlines cancels 450 flights and Delays 1,000s

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Computer failure was the cause for delaying over 1,000s of flights across the United States. The airline had a power outage at their global headquarters meaning all of their planes had to be grounded on Monday morning, 8th August 2016. Delta planes could not depart for five hours and forced passengers to make alternative plans.

It is still not clear what had caused the power outage. The airline has not provided any further details as to how it has happened. The delay has left thousands of passengers stranded in their respective destinations and had delayed thousands of other flights. The airline operates on six continents in over 60 countries and has 325 destinations.

NBC News has reported that one of the passengers and his fellow travellers on a flight from Los Angeles to New York’s JFK were ordered off the plane and back into the terminal in the early hours of Monday morning.

Understandably this has disappointed and frustrated many customers, and it has raised questions over why they were not better prepared to overcome a technical glitch. It has left many angry passengers stranded.

If you are ever been left stranded due a flight delay for over three hours and are departing or arriving at an EU airport, please do not hesitate to contact our Delayed Flight Claim Team to discuss your rights and how you may be compensated for your losses.

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