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Disability Discrimination Employment Solicitors Uk Have you been the subject of disability discrimination at work and now seek experienced employment law solicitors to help you bring a claim against your employer in the UK? If you have been discriminated against by your employer by not being given the same employment terms pay and benefits or opportunities for promotion as other colleagues due to your disability then you should consult the highly skilled legal professionals at Oakwood Solicitors to discuss your case and find out if you could be eligible to bring a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal with expert legal representation advice and support from one of our specialists to help you achieve the best possible results that are available to you.

An employer is not allowed by law to discriminate against any employee or prospective employee because of their disability or any other characteristic that is protected under the Equality Act 2010. This means they must offer the same employment training and promotion opportunities to those who have disabilities as any other worker and make ?reasonable adjustments? to help them in their work.

If you have put in a grievance with your employer for discrimination at work and have since been victimised for it you should consult legal advice promptly. You must bring a claim against your employer for any employment dispute within 3 months minus one day of the incident that has given you cause to claim.

Have you faced disability discrimination at work and now require expert employment law advice from specialist solicitors in the UK to help you in your pursuit of compensation?Then you need the extremely dedicated employment law team at Oakwood Solicitors who have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of employment law and what the Equality Act entails as well as extensive experience in successfully handling cases similar to yours and could use this to help you secure the maximum compensation award available to you in your particular case of discrimination.

Mr D from Milton Keynes recently contacted the skilled professionals at Oakwood Solicitors about victimisation in his workplace. Our dedicated team are currently looking into this case for Mr D to determine if he has a valid case to bring a claim against his employer for victimisation. If he does we could be able to take on this case on a contingency basis ensuring that he would have nothing to pay if we were unfortunately unsuccessful in securing him the recompense he pursues.

If you are the victim of disability discrimination in your employment you should consult the highly skilled and friendly legal professionals at Oakwood Solicitors to find out how we could help you bring a claim against your employer or successfully reach a compromise agreement for you to ensure that you obtain the full recompense that you justly deserve wherever you are in the UK by calling our caring and helpful staff today on: 0844 844 9866.

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