Discrimination Against Employing Women Still The Norm In China

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In many countries refusing to employ a woman because she is not yet married and does no have a baby would be answered with a lawsuit. However in China it is a widely-known fact that males are preferred over women and there are no effective anti-gender discrimination policies in place to protect them.

The Media and Gender Institute of Communication University of China (MGIOC) conducted a study looking and gender discrimination and found it is a prominent issue that needs to be looked at. 60 percent of 1000 job-seeking females from Beijing stated a belief they had been declined from an interview because of their gender.

Sun Jin associate professor of Law School of Wuhan University said gender discrimination in the labor market is extremely common and that some employers who do hire females prohibit them from giving birth or getting married within the first five years following their employment and if they do they are automatically fired.

One post-grad student Ke Min stated that she is going to make sure she gets married in the first year of her studies and has a baby in the second. This way she said she can avoid the problems of discrimination and take a more competitive stance when joining the job-seeking population. Many other students are also adopting this course of action.

Zhang Jingjie expert from MGIOC stated the reasons for gender discrimination is because of: an imbalance of supply and demand in labor market causing severe employment situations no fully developed industries that focus on the talents of women poor anti-gender discrimination policies and the main reason because of gender segregation that has spanned history with a sexist concept that males are stronger than females.

Associate professor from Law School of Wuhan University Sun stated she believes the main reason is due to there being no laws and regulations relevant to protect women. There are no requirement on employers or rights for female grad students therefore there is no obligation to treat women equally.

To treat the problem China needs to implement a number of actions. For example it needs to try and eradicate the out-of-date concepts towards men and women. It needs to build up a social and cultural environment that promotes equality in terms of gender and employment opportunities and anti-discrimination policies need to be made mandatory with consequences if they are ignored.

Many women in the UK make claims against their employers if they feel they have been subjected to discrimination in the work-place. As a modern society China also needs to make it possible for women to take action against discrimination. If you have suffered discrimination in the workplace contact MLS now!


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