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Diversity In The Workplace – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Do you implement policies and practices that encourage diversity in the workplace of your organisation in York? Failure to do so could mean you may be liable to have tribunal action brought against you by an employee who feels they have been treated fairly on the grounds of their sex race religion or any other personal ?protected characteristic? but the highly qualified and experienced legal team at Oakwood Solicitors could offer advice and assistance in the drafting and implementing of company policies and practices that are fully compliant with all equality and diversity legislation.

On 30th of July 2013 the Belfast Telegraph published an article reporting that "Firm used religious discrimination".

The article tells us "A former salesman has won more than œ15000 compensation after injuring religious discrimination from his Brethren Christian employers. Gavin Connolly 30 from Newtownabbey worked for a nearby printing firm. The owners of Oakdene Services gave employees who were fellow members of the Protestant church better treatment when providing company cars pay rises and mobile phones an employment tribunal found."

It further explains "His selection for redundancy last summer was an act of religious discrimination in the decision and handling of his subsequent grievance amounted to constructive and unfair dismissal the adjudicating body said".

It is reported that the panel added: "It is clear to us that there was very much a culture of sheep and goats. We were left with the clear impression from the respondent’s witnesses that they saw it as desirable and preferable to be Brethren and by implication undesirable not to be Brethren."

Has an employee or former employee issued an employment tribunal claim against you for discrimination due to failures in equality and diversity legislation in the workplace of your company in York? The resourceful and highly skilled experts at Oakwood Solicitors could provide robust legal representation at an employment tribunal hearing if a claim has been issued against you by an employee of your company to work to protect the best interests of your business but could also provide advice and assistance with various methods of alternative dispute resolution to achieve a swift solution to the issue.

The above-mentioned article informs us "The Brethren movement grew out of the 16th century Protestant read the nation and includes evangelical Christians. The Fair Employment Tribunal awarded œ15618 compensation after Mr Connelly complained about his employers Dermot McMullan and Pauline McMullan trading as Oakdene Services who were members of the church."

It goes on to say "The panel found Oakdene Services had unlawfully discriminated against him on grounds of religious belief and constructively and unfairly dismissed him".

The employment and commercial law specialists at Oakwood Solicitors could provide the advice guidance and assistance that you need to successfully implement and manage diversity in the workplace of your company in York to minimise the potential for employees to feel discriminated against due to a particular personal characteristic that they have helping you to avoid what could be time-consuming and costly disputes; so call our helpful advisers today to discuss our legal services in greater detail on: 0113 200 9720.


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