Too many people are seriously injured or killed every year in drunk driving accidents. If you have been the victim of a collision on the roads caused by a drunk driver you could be eligible for making a personal injury claim.

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It is illegal to operate a vehicle if you are over the drink drive limit. There are harsh penalties in place for anyone who is caught driving over the legal limit. The penalty for drink driving could be anything from a ban and a fine to community service and a revoked licence to a prison sentence. The legal drink drive limits for the UK are as follows:

80 milligrams of alcohol per 100millilitres of blood.

35 micrograms of alcohol per 100millilitres of breath.

107 micrograms of alcohol per 100millilitresof urine.

Even if you have the above amount of alcohol in your system your driving will still be affected by the alcohol and you are much likely to be involved in a collision. There is no safe way to calculate if you are under the legal drink drive limit before setting off in your car so the safest thing to do is have no alcohol at all. If you are planning to drink on a night out don?t even take your car with you at all so you are not tempted to drive home when you are intoxicated. Some drivers go out with the intention of leaving their car and getting a tax I home; but after a few drinks the judgement is impaired and this combined with a false sense of bravery induced by the alcohol means some people are tempted to drive.

You should seek drunk driving accidents advice as soon as possible if an intoxicated driver has caused you to be involved in a collision and you have sustained injuries in the accident.

The alcohol in your blood will affect your judgement your reaction time your ability to assess the area around you and your alertness in a negative way. You are much slower to notice hazards and even slower to react to them if you have alcohol in your system when you are driving.

Nearly £2000.00 in personal injury compensation was successfully awarded to Mr D thanks to Oakwood’s personal injury team. Mr D was involved in a collision when a third party driver swerved into the wrong side of the rod and into the path of Mr D’s oncoming vehicle.

To start making a drunk driving accidents claim for your injuries call Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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