If you are drunk and you are planning on driving your vehicle statistics show that you are more likely to sustain much more serious injuries in an accident than you would do if you had not been drinking.

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Alcohol affects the body in many different ways and even after just one drink you can develop a false sense of security and bravado and you may take risks on the road that you normally would never consider. Your reaction times are impaired by every drink you have which means that if a hazard pops up in the road you will not have time to prepare yourself for the hazard and you will become another drink driving statistic.

Your coordination is significantly impaired by alcohol and you could even after one pint make a significant mistake whist driving on the road. If your co-ordination is impaired you may accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake as you are approaching the car in front; not only will you be responsible for injuring other innocent road users you may be prosecuted by the police.

When you are drunk and you are in charge of driving a vehicle statistics show that you are much more likely to take dangerous risks when travelling on the road that could lead to a serious or fatal accident.

The safest thing to do if you are planning to drive after a night out is not to have anything to drink at all. You cannot accurately calculate the amount of alcohol you have had and whether or not you are safe to drive on the road. The maximum amount of alcohol you are allowed in your system before you are breaking the law is; 35 microgrames of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath or 80 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. You cannot tell if you have had a couple to drink if your blood alcohol level is below this limit. Even if your blood alcohol is below that limit but you have had a drink you driving could be impaired.

If you had been drinking at the time of your accident your case for personal injury compensation could be very complex; even if you did not cause the accident. Mrs A’s case was straightforward and settled in a timely manner because she had not been drinking when a third party driver crashed into the rear of her car. Mrs A qualified for £1556.00 in personal injury compensation for the trauma of her accident.

If you have had an accident because of a drunk vehicle driver on the roads and you need advice about the statistics involved in drink driving personal injury compensation call the experts from Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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