Employment Law Claims – November 2014

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Last month, Oakwood Solicitors won compensation for a number of happy employment clients.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

In the case of Mr X, Oakwood Solicitors obtained a pre-hearing settlement of £80,000 for the client. Mr X was pursuing his former employer, a well-known and multi-national plc, for unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal and race discrimination. Mr X was dismissed for gross misconduct, without notice, in relation to an issue with his expenses. He claimed that this was used as a reason to dismiss him following a period of discrimination against him on the grounds of his race.

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In the case of Mr W, Oakwood Solicitors obtained the sum of £40,000 for the client under the terms of a settlement agreement. The original offer was £25,000 and we negotiated this sum up to £40,000 on behalf of the client and within 3 days of our instruction. As this was under a settlement agreement, the employer paid the legal fees of Mr W to Oakwood Solicitors so he retained the full amount of the settlement. He had raised a grievance regarding race and disability and felt that his position was untenable.

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In the case of Mrs E, Oakwood Solicitors obtained a pre-hearing settlement of £13,000 for the client. This was in fact obtained by Oakwood Solicitors without the need to issue proceedings or even enter ACAS Early conciliation, so was obtained at the earliest possible opportunity for the client. Mrs E was considering pursuing her former employer for unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal. She had been subjected to a detriment following a grievance raised about the conduct on her line manager.

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In the case of Mrs Y, Oakwood Solicitors obtained a pre-hearing settlement of £10,000 for the client. Mrs Y submitted a formal grievance after being submitted to unfavourable treatment due to her disability. The Respondent failed to deal with her grievance for several months during which time Mrs Y was subjected to ostracisation from her colleagues. Mrs Y put in a second grievance in relation to the further treatment and failures to deal with her first complaint and again this was ignored. At this point Mrs Y resigned and we pursued her former employer, a sports governing body, for constructive dismissal and disability discrimination.

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If you have had a similar experience in a previous or current job and you feel that you’re entitled to make a compensation claim, please fill in the form below to make a start.

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