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Employment Law Lawyers – ML Expert Solicitors Team; Are you an employer in search of specialist employment and commercial law lawyers to advise and assist your organisation in Manchester with resolution of employment dispute? Then look no further than the highly qualified and experienced professionals at Oakwood Solicitors as our extremely dedicated team could offer you guidance and assistance in various methods of alternative dispute resolution as well as provide outstanding legal representation at employment tribunal hearings ensuring the best interests of your company in Manchester are protected.

The Liverpool Echo published an article on 3 April 2013 written by Kate Forrester reporting that "Two ex-drivers of Yellow Duckmarines will take company bosses to court after claiming they were sacked for raising safety fears – once before one of the craft sank".

The article says that "The men lost their jobs last summer and we’ll claim unfair dismissal at employment tribunals at Liverpool Civil Court next week. Their cases are backed by Unite the union whose regional organiser Franny Joyce claimed they were "forced out" for voicing concerns over the safety of the yellow tourist buses – one of which capsized in Liverpool’s Salthouse Dock on Saturday."

The article further explains that "Duckmarine bosses will strenuously denied the claims and said their vehicles were subject to regular strict safety checks".

Have you had an employee or former employee bring an employment tribunal claim against you for which you now seek expert employment and commercial law lawyers to assist and represent your organisation in Manchester? Then you should make a no obligation call to the experts at Oakwood Solicitors who specialise in employment and commercial law to discover how our extremely dedicated lawyers could use their expertise to negotiate and draft settlement agreement to reach a swift and cost-effective solution for your company or provide rigorous legal defence at an employment tribunal hearing if you would prefer to follow litigation procedures or they are unavoidable.

It is reported in the above-mentioned article that Mr Joyce said: "The whole issue has been ongoing since May 2011 when several drivers raise individual and collective grievances about the safety of the vehicles including problems with the brakes and pumps. These are old Second World War vehicles which have problems on a daily basis for the company just popped the drivers off and claimed they were trying to sabotage the business."

The article states that "Sales manager Paul Furlong said the four-strong fleet ? which has been offering "amphibious sight-seeing tours" around the city for 12 years ? underwent health and safety checks regularly". It is further reported that he added: "The ex-employees in question are disgruntled ex-drivers who were dismissed for misconduct regarding health and safety."

The expert employment and commercial law lawyers at Oakwood Solicitors could work to ensure the best possible outcome available to you is achieved if a disgruntled employee takes legal action against your organisation in Manchester in pursuit of compensation by using their superb negotiation skills advising and assisting in various alternative dispute resolution methods and drafting settlement agreements and providing outstanding litigation services; so make a no obligation call to our helpful advisers today on: 0113 200 9720.


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