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Employment Law Redundancy – ML Solicitors Claims Advice; Are you in search of expert employment law advice with regards to redundancy procedures at your organisation in York? Then you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced legal team at Oakwood Solicitors to discover how our experts could offer the accurate guidance and personalised advice that you require on redundancy procedures to be used within your company in York.

The Socialist Worker published an article on Tuesday 30 July 2013 reporting that “Hewlett-Packard workers strike over two days over job cuts”.

We are informed that “Government IT workers in the PCS union struck for two days last week over plans employer Hewlett-Packard to cut 1500 jobs”.

It goes on to say “A number of staff have been handed redundancy notices in direct violation of an agreement the company signed in 2011”.

Do you require the specialist services of employment law solicitors as you are considering the need for redundancy within your company in York? The intelligent resourceful and skilled legal team at Oakwood Solicitors could help you take a pragmatic approach to redundancies at your organisation working to get the best interests of your business and ensuring that the procedures that you use fully compliant with all current legislation.

As an employer before deciding to make anyone redundant it is essential that there is a genuine need for redundancy to be made. Redundancy should never be used as a pretext for the dismissal of an employee.

An employer should always use a fair method when choosing which employees will be made redundant ensuring that it does not discriminate against any individual on the grounds of their sex age or any other personal characteristic that is protected under the Equality Act 2010. Any decision should be based on some evidence for example disciplinary records. However if a method for deciding redundancies has already been implemented into the contracts of employment of your staff or if an agreement has been made with a trade union then this procedure should be followed.

If there is a need to make 20 or more employees in one workplace redundant at the same time this is known as a collective redundancy and a formal procedure must be used that involves consulting a recognised trade union or employee representative as well as just consulting with each individual who was being considered for redundancy. Failure to do this on the part of the employer could leave them liable to have tribunal action brought against them by the employees for not following the proper procedures.

The employment and commercial law experts at Oakwood Solicitors could provide the accurate advice and guidance that you require with regards to redundancy procedures to be used within your organisation in York to ensure that you operate fairly and in full compliance with all current legislation avoiding any risk of being liable to have tribunal action brought against you; so consult with our helpful advisers today over a no obligation call on: 0113 200 9720.


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