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Employment Law Solicitor Uk Are you the victim of harassment in your workplace and now seek a specialist employment law solicitor in the UK to help you recover the compensation you feel that you justly deserve for the suffering you have been subjected to? If you have been subjected to harassment by you for your employer or other colleagues in your workplace and you could be entitled to compensation for loss of earnings and for any psychological injury caused to you for some just treatment and the highly skilled experience professionals at Oakwood Solicitors could handle your claim for you on your behalf to enable you to pursue recompense without any further added undue stress or hassle maximising compensation award that we obtain for you and your behalf.

In cases of bullying or harassment in the workplace employees are protected by the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. This is put in place to ensure that an employer must not pursue a course of conduct which amounts to harassment of an employee. Compensation can be awarded under common law when bringing a claim for harassment in an employment tribunal for any loss of earnings incurred along with anxiety caused by the harassment.

If you are considering making a compensation claim against your employer for unfair dismissal or harassment you have been subjected to in your workplace it is vital you consult a highly qualified and experienced employment law solicitor to obtain the accurate and personalised advice along with guidance regarding the claims process that you need to enable you to successfully secure the maximum possible compensation award that is available to you in the UK in your particular case so you should make a call to the experts at Oakwood Solicitors to find out how we could help you secure the compensation that you justly deserve with minimal fuss for you.

Mr L from Surrey recently contacted the dedicated legal advisers at Oakwood Solicitors regarding his constructive dismissal due to bullying at work to discuss his eligibility for making a compensation claim for his loss of earnings and psychological injury he had suffered.

Constructive dismissal is the term used when an employee feels forced to leave their job against their will because of the conduct of their employer. The reasons for constructive dismissal must be serious such as:

? Withholding your pay

? Suddenly demoting you without reason

? Forcing you into accepting a reasonable changes on how you should work

? Your employer let other employees harass or bully you.

We are currently looking into Mr L’s complaint to determine whether or not he does indeed have grounds to make a claim for compensation.

To speak with a specialist employment law solicitor about your complaint for unfair dismissal or harassment in the workplace in the UK for advice regarding bringing the claim to the employment tribunal make a no obligation call to the friendly and extremely helpful staff at Oakwood Solicitors and one of our professionals can offer you clear and concise guidance about making the claim on: (0844) 844 9866.

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