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Employment Law Solicitor It is important that if you feel you have suffered from discrimination at your place of work or an unfair dismissal that you use a specialist employment law solicitor and Oakwood can provide you with this expert legal representation. Our solicitors have many years? experience in all areas of employment law and over the years we have successfully received compensation for many people who?ve been the victim of unfair or discriminative incidents in the workplace.

Whether you have suffered from an unfair dismissal stress at work discrimination or any other type of work related issue then you may be able to make a claim for compensation through an employment tribunal. Employment tribunals are a non-departmental public body in England Wales and Scotland which have statutory jurisdiction and can help with almost any type of disputes between employers and employees.

The most common type of disputes which these public bodies settle is for those who have been the victim of unfair dismissal employment discrimination or unfair redundancy payments.

Oakwood Solicitors will be able to assist you in building a case which has enough merit to successfully achieve compensation from your employer and they will guide you through everything you need to know in regards to making a successful claim through an employment tribunal.

Employment law is an extremely complex field and therefore if you are looking at receiving the maximum amount of compensation for a work-related issue it is vital that you use a solicitor with a proven track record in this field of law.

This solicitor will assess your case on an individual basis during an initial consultation. This consultation will discuss details such as where and when the incident took place what happened during the incident and why you feel you suffered either financially or psychologically.

Oakwood Solicitors are currently investigating a case on behalf of Mr B from Chorleywood who was looking at making a redundancy complaint against his employer.

Unfair dismissal and redundancy complaints are extremely common in regards to making compensation claims and it is important that your employer follows the rules and regulations in regards to doing this efficiently. The process of an employer choosing employees for redundancy is a set one. Initially an employer has to state in writing why they are making you redundant and they must give you the option to discuss this and appeal against their decision.

If you are similar to Mr B and feel that your employer has unfairly dismissed you or made you redundant without suitable reasons then you may be entitled to compensation.

Oakwood Solicitors have extensive experience in all areas of employment law so if you are looking at making a claim you should speak to a solicitor here who can discuss your eligibility to do this successfully; why not call one of our team today on:0844 844 9866.

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