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Employment Manual – MLS; Is your organisation looking to create an employment manual where you can include workplace guidelines employment related policies and general rules of conduct for your business in Bradford? There are many benefits to creating an employment manual as it helps protect your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer and the team at Oakwood Solicitors will be able to provide your business with help and advice in regards to creating a bespoke and tailor-made employment manual for your organisation in Bradford.

The many benefits of creating an employment manual

Organisations that have effective employment manuals generally have a more productive and well contented workforce. These types of documents ensure that every worker within the organisation is ?on the same page? and they understand what behaviour will warrant disciplinary action. These workers also understand how to raise complaints internally within the workplace as included in an employment handbook can be your disciplinary and grievance procedures. Workers who know and understand how to raise a complaint internally are far less likely to raise a complaint at the Employment Tribunal against your organisation.

There are also many other benefits to creating an employment manual and setting out internal rules and regulations saves you time training a new employee when they are hired at your organisation. If things do go south and a dispute arises these types of documents can be extremely valuable as by signing the employment manual your employees are stating that they not only understand what’s inside this document but they also promise to abide by it.

If my organisation is looking to create an employment manual as I feel it may be beneficial for my business in Bradford; how will the team at Oakwood Solicitors help?

Our team will be able to discuss the various different options for your business when creating an employment manual and they will ensure that all documents abide by UK laws and legislations. This is because there are certain things that you are legally disallowed to include in your handbook for example you cannot include sections that expressly prohibit people from doing certain things that employment rights protect such as religious practices.

When businesses are faced with legal action for not abiding by their employment manuals or they do not provide certain employment rights it can sometimes attract the attention of the media. An article which was published in the Belfast Telegraph on 30 July 2013 discusses a man who was unlawfully discriminated against because of his religious belief. Particular section of the article reads ?a former salesman was awarded more than œ15000 compensation after his employers – members of the Brethren Church – was found to have discriminated against him because of his religion. Gavin Connelly 30 worked for Newtonabbey- based Oakdene Services printing firm but ultimately resigned after the owners gave employees who were fellow members of the Protestant church better treatment when providing company cars pay rises and mobile phones an employment tribunal found.?

If your organisation is looking to create an employment manual for your business in Bradford then you can contact the highly successful trained employment law specialists working at Oakwood Solicitors today on:0113 200 9720.


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