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Employment Tribunal – ML Solicitors; Are you in search of expert legal advice with regards to the new employment tribunal rules to find out how they could affect your business in York if a claim is brought against you? The employment and commercial law specialists could offer you the accurate advice and guidance that you need as well is work with your company to minimise the potential of misunderstandings and effectively manage dispute internally to reduce the risk of legal action being brought against you to an employment tribunal.

The Caterer Licensee Hotelier News Group published an article on their website on 30 July 2013 reporting that "Forum welcomes the introduction of employment tribunal fees".

It says "Business lobbying group welcomes the introduction of fees for employment tribunals of the way to stem the flow of vexatious claims but does not think it will be a powerful enough disincentive with some".

The article further explains "The Forum of Private Business welcomes the introduction of employment tribunal fees from today but does not foresee than bringing about a major change in the system. The fees will apply to any case lodged from today and set at two levels depending on the type of claim be made. All applicants will be required to pay any issue fee to raise a claim. This will be followed by a hearing can see if the case is referred to a tribunal for a formal hearing. The annual cost of running the tribunal service currently stands at œ84 million and the government expects the introduction of fees will go some way to reduce this by encouraging alternative dispute resolution."

Has an employment tribunal claim being brought against you by an employee or former employee of your organisation in York? Then you should consult with the intelligent resourceful and highly driven legal team at Oakwood Solicitors for rigorous legal representation to work to protect the best interests of your business in such an event.

The above-mentioned article also informs us "The Forum of Private Business would like to see a reduction in the number of spurious claims lodged by disgruntled employees as a result of the introduction of fees. Vexatious claims the tribunal’s result of a huge cost to small businesses who are not only burdened with costly legal fees but see their businesses suffer in the process. Business owners are required to divert attention away from the day-to-day running of the company and the laborious process of being taken to a tribunal acts as a disincentive to recruitment inhibiting the growth of small businesses across the UK."

The highly qualified and experienced legal team at Oakwood Solicitors could work with you to strive to achieve the best possible outcome are swiftly and cost effectively as possible by alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and conciliation should a dispute arise within your workplace but could also provide robust legal representation at employment tribunal hearing if litigation become is unavoidable for your organisation in York working to protect the best interests of your business; so consult our helpful advisers today to discuss our expert legal services in further detail on: 0113 200 9720.


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