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Employment Tribunal Rules – ML Expert Solicitors; Has your organisation been threatened employment tribunal action by an employee or former employee for which you now require advice guidance and clarification with regards to the rules and procedures that your company in Leeds needs to follow? Then you should make a no obligation to the highly skilled professionals at Oakwood Solicitors to discover how our employment and commercial law specialists offer you the advice and guidance that you need along with alternative dispute resolution services and rigorous legal representation at employment tribunal hearings when litigation is unavoidable.

HR Magazine published an article on 8 August 2012 written by David Woods reporting that "The old chestnut of tribunal reformats their living out of the news since HR called on HRDs to propose their agenda is the change in the tribunal procedure in our bid to minimise the great complexity in employment regulations".

The article goes on to say that "The Ministry of Justice said it will introduce fees for users of an employment tribunal from the summer of 2013 in a bid to encourage employers and staff to mediate or settle disputes. Mediation by Judge will cost œ600."

Has an employee or former employee brought a claim against your organisation to an employment tribunal giving you a reason to seek out experienced legal professionals who specialise in employment and commercial law to guide you through the rules and procedures as well as offer expert representation for you in Leeds? Then you should consult with the employment and commercial law experts at Oakwood Solicitors to discover how our extremely dedicated team could use their vast experience and expertise in this particular field to provide organisation with advice that is tailored to suit your particular situation and requirements as well as offering negotiation and representation services for alternative dispute resolution and expert legal representation when the claim goes to hearing.

The above-mentioned further explains that "The Government hopes the fees of people using employment tribunals contribute a major part of the œ84 million cost of the system. The aim is to reduce taxpayer subsidy of tribunal is by transferring some of the cost to those using the service while protecting access to justice for all."

The article also adds that "The intention is to encourage people to look for alternatives ? such as mediation ? the tribunal to remain a last resort for the most complex cases."

It is reported that Justice Minister Conservative MP Jonathan Djanogly said: "It is in everyone’s interest to avoid long drawn out disputes which emotionally damaged workers and financial damage businesses."

The highly qualified and experienced professionals at Oakwood Solicitors could assist your organisation with employment tribunal rules and procedures as well as with providing robust and outstanding representation for the company if an employee or former employee has brought a claim against your organisation in Leeds ensuring the best interests of the business are protected; so call our helpful advisers today to discuss our services further on: 0113 200 9720.


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