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If you feel that your employer or a fellow employee has caused you to suffer financially or psychologically due to discrimination, unfair dismissal or harassment then you may be entitled to compensation and therefore you should use the specialist employment law solicitors on offer at Oakwood.

Oakwood Solicitors are experts in employment law and the team here will be able to guide you through everything you need to know in regards to making a successful compensation claim. Many people decide to speak with Oakwood Solicitors to see if they have a case which will be eligible for compensation and we are currently investigating a case on behalf of Mr S from Telford.

Mr S states that he received racial discrimination in his place of work and he is now seeking compensation for the psychological trauma and financial suffering this has caused him.

If you are similar to Mr S and feel that you are the victim of racial discrimination at work and you have received an unfair treatment based on your race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin then you may have a case which is eligible for compensation and the employment law solicitors will be able to assist you in achieving this compensation.

In regards to racial discrimination in the workplace you must be able to prove that the offending actions you received were harmful and resulted in an unfavourable treatment. These acts can be either direct or indirect and are explained just below:


An act of direct racial discrimination refers to an obvious unfavourable treatment based on race, or when an individual of a particular race is given a more favourable treatment because of their ethnic origin. This direct discrimination can also relate to racially-based harassment and abuse.


An indirect act of racial discrimination refers to a situation in where an employer’s guidelines appear non-discriminatory on the surface; however, they may hinder an individual of a particular race from getting or keeping a certain position. For example, a requirement may be that employees maintain a short level of hair; however, this can affect Sikhs. This particular religion must have long hair beneath their turbans.

Oakwood Solicitors will charge you no upfront fees to discuss your eligibility to make a successful compensation claim and during an initial consultation they will have all the details in regards to your specific case. From this they will be able to decipher your eligibility to make a successful compensation claim.

If you need a team of employment law solicitors who can assist you in achieving the compensation you deserve after an act of discrimination, harassment or unfair dismissal then you should speak to Oakwood Solicitors to discuss your eligibility to make a claim free of charge on:0844 844 9866.

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