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Equality and Diversity Policy

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At Oakwood Solicitors, we promote equality and diversity in the workplace as well as our policies and procedures.


We take a strict approach to breaches of these policies and any issues will be dealt with in accordance with our Disciplinary Procedures. We ensure that we do not discriminate against or harass other people including current and former employees, job applicants, clients, customers, suppliers and visitors.

This applies in the workplace, outside the workplace, when dealing with customers, suppliers or other work related contacts or on any occasion when a staff member is representing the company.



We also safeguard against the following forms of discrimination:


Championing Women in the Workplace

We have a 67% workforce of women at Oakwood Solicitors that work part time, full time, or flexi-hours to ensure that they achieve a work-life balance with their children, friends and family. This is also highlighted in that 28% of our staff have children.


The Managing Director and entire Board of Directors are female and we are big advocates at Oakwood Solicitors of ensuring that women are given fair and equal opportunities in the work place. We have seen home grown talent go up through the ranks to become solicitors, senior fee earners and Heads of Departments and we are proud of all their accomplishments.


Diversity information for Oakwood Solicitors

Out of the 67 staff members that responded to the diversity questionnaire, the following information was obtained:

We presently have 14 Solicitors, 1 Costs Lawyer, 26 fee earners, 5 managers who are not solicitors and 20 staff in a supporting role such as admin, new claims, accounts and marketing.



Of those, 28% fit within the 16-24 age bracket, 37% in the 25-34 bracket, 23% in the 35-44 bracket and 12% in all other age brackets.

85% of staff said that they were heterosexual, with 10% being gay or lesbian or bisexual. 57 staff members went to a UK state-run or funded school, with only 4 going to a UK independent school – as highlighted in the pie chart below.

Staff were asked to clarify what was the highest level of qualification that someone in their household had achieved by the time they were 18. This is shown in the graph below. 44 staff members had family members who did not achieve a qualification above degree level, with 19 going to university.



Oakwood Diversity


29 staff members declared that they did not have a religion, compared to 24 Christians, 5 Muslims, 1 Sikh, I Jewish person and 7 preferred not to say.


Oakwood Diversity



For more information, please visit www.sra.org.uk/diversitydata.


Disclaimer: Our Diversity Policy reflects both Oakwood Solicitors and our sister company, Oakwood Property Solicitors.

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