Essex Man who Threw Glass at Bouncer Ordered to Pay £2400

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Essex Man who Threw Glass at Bouncer Ordered to Pay £2400

Terry Martin 27 from an Essex village threw a glass in a nightclub which hit the bouncer who was aiding in breaking up a fight. He has to pay £2400 compensation for the incident.
Mr Martin who is self employed pleaded guilty to assaulting and causing serious bodily harm to bouncer Samraj Beasel on 2nd September 2012. Mr Martin claimed that his actions were self defence after he believed Mr Beasel was part of an assault on his friend.
On 17th May Judge Christopher Ball QC gave Terry Martin a suspended prison sentence of six-months with 200 hours of unpaid work. At the Chelmsford Crown Court he said that Martin was “paralytic” at the time and his actions of throwing the glass were inexplicable.
The Judge went on to order Mr Martin to pay Mr Beasel compensation of £1200 and prosecution costs of £1200.
In the incident Mr Samraj Beasel had suffered a cut to his forehead of 2cm which needed gluing and his confidence had subsequently been affected.
Mr Beasel claimed that where in the past he was able to deal with incidents in clubs on his own he now believes that he needs help.
Mr Martin’s representative William Davis who was mitigating said that Martin’s friend had pulled another man from the incident and in the process was assaulted himself. Terry Martin saw a man get involved and without realising threw a glass at a bouncer. He did this to protect his friend and was unaware that Mr Beasel was trying to help Mr Martin’s friend.

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