Master C suffered a serious injury to his face through no fault of his own at the age of 8 years old; Oakwood Solicitors helped him make a claim for facial injury compensation in Leeds following his accident.

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Master c was out in a public place when his nasty facial injury was sustained. Master C’s face collided with some wire that was very dangerously protruding from a gate. The wire had come away from the gate it was supposed to be attached to and was sticking out causing a very obvious hazard. Master C was unlucky enough to be at the size where the wire would catch him in the face.

Master C was able to successfully make a case for compensation as the accident was not his fault. Oakwood Solicitors were very pleased to be able to award Mater C with compensation and we hope it goes some way towards helping him forget his accident.

Areas and buildings that are used by the general public must be maintained to an acceptable standard so they are safe for use by the general public. If the owner or occupier fails to maintain their property such was the case with Master C then they are liable for any injuries that occur as a result of an accident that is caused.
If you have suffered a facial injury and it was not your fault you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation; Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds have been claiming compensation on behalf of clients for over ten years and we are experts in the field of public liability cases.

Everyone who is in a position of responsibility for the safety of others has a duty of care to keep them safe. The person in the position of responsibility could be anyone from a landlord being responsible for his punters and his staff or a factory employer being responsible for the safety of his employees to a builder working on someone else’s house who is responsible for making sure the work they do is safe.

If anyone was to fail in their duty of care and an accident happened as a result then they would be liable for the damages that were sustained to the injured party. If this is the case and you have been injured as a result of someone failing in their duty of care you may be entitled to compensation.

Oakwood Solicitors are a team of experts that will strive to get your case resolved as quickly as possible and to secure you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve; this will depend entirely on the type of accident you have had and the severity of the after affects you have had to suffer.

To make a claim for facial injury compensation in Leeds call Oakwood Solicitors today on: 0844 499 9302.

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