Half of Families Experience Poor Care in Hospital

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Half of Families Experience Poor Care in Hospital

According to a recent study nearly half of all British people claim to have experienced neglect in NHS hospitals.
The study by YouGov showed that patients are finding it more difficult to obtain the treatment that they believe they require they are spoken to rudely and sometimes experience physical abuse.
Nearly half of the poll participants (46%) felt that care standards had fallen in the last ten years and only 20% felt that the standards had actually improved despite the large amount of money invested in the Service over the same period.
16% of patients had personally received poor care and 30% of people said that their relatives had experienced poor care in the last ten years – creating the total 46%. Of this 43% said that a family member had been provided with incorrect treatment or diagnosis.
52% of the total participants said that they had personally experienced neglect or a ‘lack of care’. 42% had experienced rudeness or NHS staff had behaved disrespectfully to them and 39% felt that it was tough getting the treatment that they required. 3% of respondents reported that they or their relatives had suffered physical abuse.
YouGov surveyed 2000 people in February this year and found that 68% of the recipients said that the NHS should reveal their errors publically.
Ross McWilliams Solicitor in the Medical Negligence Department said.
“What is clear from the survey’s findings is that the general British public are not satisfied with the NHS and the care provided by our hospitals does not reach the expected standard. Public confidence in the NHS is likely to have taken a major blow following the recent Mid Staffs scandal and publication of this YouGov survey looks likely to diminish confidence levels even further.”

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