Victim Terrorized Out Of Country By Mob On Trial

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Victim Terrorized Out Of Country By Mob On Trial

Teresa Mallon was forced into court as 15 men faced charges for the murder of her husband. If the trauma of being widowed was not sufferance enough she was then intimidated and jostled outside the courthouse and forced to flee the country where the attack took place.

She stated that the men facing prison purposefully intimidated her into leaving Malaga to return home to Glasgow and that she and her daughter 25 were given no protection. She believes that she should have received more support from the British Consulate feeling her family have been “left on their own” with no support during their time of need.

Teresa described her treatment by the mob towards herself and her daughter as “intimidating disgusting behaviour” and said how the men waited for them outside the court where they would not let them pass and then started sniggering and giving them dirty looks when inside. They were appalled at being left to enter the courtroom without the assistance of British of Spanish police.

The accused have now been given warnings by the judge about their conduct towards the family and the family have returned for the remainder of the trail.

Stephen Mallon 49 year-old dad of three died 11 days after he was thrown off a balcony near Costa del Sol bar. He was visiting the country as a celebration for his twin sons 17th birthday however one night was beaten with bottles metal poles belts and plant pots in 2009. His family have been “destroyed by what happened” and his wife has told of how the accident has been made worse by the lack of guilt and repentance of the accused shown through their violence towards the family and their increased hostility as the trail continues.

Mallon’s daughter stated that: “The Mayor has tried to play down anti-Britishness for fear it will affect tourism but we believe there is no other explanation….

My dad hadn’t even been drinking – the post mortem showed no alcohol. They were just out for a nice meal and got dragged into this nightmare.”

Of the 15 men one is charged with Stephen’s killing. A second is accused of assault with a dangerous weapon and the other 13 with being involved in the violence that led to Stephen Mallon’s death.

Melissa from MLS says: “criminal injury is hard enough to endure without the difficulty of having to fight for justice in a foreign country. We hope that the family see justice brought upon the men involved and that they gain the compensation they deserve. Any innocent party hurt at the hand’s of someone else should seek a solicitor for advice. Crime like this should not go unpunished.”

If you or someone you know has been victimised by criminal injury contact us now for adive on claiming compensation.

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