Faulty Phone Charger Kills Three Children

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Faulty Phone Charger Kills Three Children

“A phone charger killed my family” is a statement that does not sound plausible in every day life. When we buy a product a small and simple one at that we do not categorize it as something deadly.

However consumers need to be wary of faulty products as a horrific tragedy occurs and a defect phone chargers kills two boys aged seven and nine a nine week-old baby a 20 year old aunt and a 54 year old grandmother. A total of five deaths detectives said all at the socket of a charger for phones and tablets.

The incident has raised concerns about buying cheaper products over the internet. The decrease in cost equates to a decrease in value and ultimately the price to be paid should be monetary not life.

faulty chargerThe faulty charger was in the living room and is believed to have triggered a fire due to an electrical fault. The children’s motherRazia Nazim and grandmother Shabina Begum did manage to escape. However Mrs Begum died after repeatedly trying to go back in to save her own daughter and grandchildren who were still inside the blaze.

Father Nazim Parwaiz arrived at the scene after returning from a taxi shift to find his wife distraught and paramedics trying to resuscitate his children. The family are “shell-shocked and devastated” and over 2000 people attended the funeral on Thursday.

There have been several deaths caused by faulty products and considerably more from defect products in general. An investigation in October by the Trading Standards Institute found dangerous chargers and adaptors that fail European safety standards are being sold on the internet for just £5. Of 21 chargers and adaptors it tested – all bought from UK sellers – 15 were unsafe and seven were deemed so unsafe they posed a risk of electrocution.

Unsafe products can be found on a list of recalled items easily accessible via the internet. Melissa from MLS says “many people never even consider the dangers of products they use daily. Many items that have been recalled and classed as unfit for consumer use can still be found in a number of homes and repeatedly cause harm because people are not aware they can be dangerous. Injury can be avoided if people check to see what products have been recalled and it could even save lives.”

Product liability is a common claim for people seeking compensation. Check your products are safe especially those that are being used by children!

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