Flash-for-Cash Insurance Scams on the Rise

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Flash-for-Cash Insurance Scams on the Rise

Flash-for-Cash Insurance Scams on the Rise
Anti-fraud experts are warning drivers about a new scam where at fault drivers lure others into collisions by flashing their lights to let them out of a junction and then crashing into them on purpose.
The scam has been called “flash-for-cash” by fraud experts.
The criminals focus on new smarter cars or people who are vulnerable i.e. older people and women with children in the car.
“Flash-for-cash” is costing hundred of millions of pounds and the insurers are having to foot the bill.
The new scam has evolved from “crash for cash” where at fault drivers hit their brakes suddenly for no reason so that other drivers crash into the rear of their vehicles.
Other techniques involve removing their brake lights so that other drivers don’t know when they are stopping according to the police.
Flash-for-cash is leaving lots of victims in its wake because it is hard to prove and is down to one driver’s word against another.
The at fault drivers may enter false insurance claims for whiplash and sometimes enter false passengers as well as loss of earnings fake vehicle storage bills recovery repairs and car hire and in the process manage to obtain thousands of pounds in compensation.
Fraud experts and police want to ensure that drivers are aware of these scams in order to decrease the chance of them ending up in a fraudulent collision.
Abbie Keech Head of RTA at Oakwood Solicitors said “We feel that better transparency and access to fraud databases for both Claimant and Defendant solicitors would certainly be a step towards trying to stop the fraudsters. It would certainly save us time and money and aid in the fight to clean up the industry and lower raising insurance costs”.
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