Food Poisoning On Holiday

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As the warmer months are approaching, it is likely you will be looking to book your holidays to soak up the sun and take a break.

It is extremely common for people to return from their holidays with an illness or sickness experience which would mean the enjoyment of the holiday is ruined. This is common where you may have booked a cruise or an all-inclusive hotel with buffet style restaurants within the resort.

What to do when you fall ill on holiday?

If you are unfortunate enough to become ill whilst on holiday, we recommend you follow these easy steps:

  • As soon as you are feeling ill whilst in your hotel, resort or cruise ship, speak to a representative, report your symptoms and enquire if there are other guests that are also ill. Make a note of the time and date of the person you speak to and their comments. It is always best to ensure your illness is reported in writing.
  • Upon your return to the UK, send an email or letter to your Tour Operator to report your illness and complain.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible (either abroad or in the UK) so the appropriate tests can be carried out to confirm your diagnosis.

Whether you have become ill in a hotel, on a cruise or under other circumstances, you may be able to claim against the Tour Operator if you have booked your holiday as a package holiday.

If you are unsure whether or not you have a claim, call us today on 0113 200 9787 or alternatively, email us on We will provide you with free, realistic and professional advice and then leave it for you to decide if you want to proceed.

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