Four things NOT to do after a car accident

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When you have been involved in a car accident, events can take a strange course and before you know it you are saying and agreeing to things that could ruin your chances of getting the best compensation for your injuries – with this in mind here is our list of four things you shouldn’t do after a car accident.

1. Never sign any documents, or give any “recorded statements” until you have spoken to a solicitor

With any personal injury claim, any documentation or recorded statements that you had previously provided to the relevant organisations may be used against you at court. Anything you say or do could count against you. It is therefore in your best interest to consult a law firm before you sign or confirm any details with any company including your own insurance company and any other third party insurers.

You should also be careful not to sign any documents at the scene of accident such as those asked for by the third party driver which may later turn out not to reflect the full circumstances of the incident.

2. Never admit liability until you have spoken to a solicitor

Never admit liability at any point until you have consulted a law firm. Often, drivers may feel they were at fault for the collision and say “sorry” to the other driver at the scene of accident, but later realise that it was actually not their fault at all or partially the other driver’s fault. If you say “sorry” or admit fault at the scene of the accident, your verbal statement could be used against you when making a compensation claim.

3. Do not refuse medical treatment as it could hinder a compensation claim

It is always advisable to seek medical attention through your GP or hospital after an accident to make sure you have no lasting physical injuries. Injuries often do not become apparent until after a few days meaning that aches and pains (whiplash) do not appear until later on. Therefore, do not refuse medical treatment. Early medical treatment is key to prevent any long term soft tissue injuries or ill effects.

The consequence of refusing medical treatment could hinder any future compensation claim. This is because in most cases, early or earlier treatment means quicker recovery from your injuries and if the court later finds that you could have recovered sooner had you sought or accepted medical treatment, then your level of compensation may be reduced to reflect this.

This notion is called mitigation of loss – so visit your GP or go to hospital and follow the treatment that they suggest.

4. Never talk to the other parties’ insurance company about your injuries or settlement until you have spoken to a solicitor skilled at personal injury claims

Again, there is some overlap here, bur be careful of what you do and do not say to the third party insurance companies. This is because most insurance companies will keep recordings and transcripts of telephone conversations when you first report your accident. This means that, when you tell the other parties’ insurers you are not injured in an accident, but then later find that aches and pains start to develop, you should immediately notify them. Otherwise, they will have recorded that you had no injuries and this will make it difficult for you to claim for personal injury. Therefore, it is always advisable to speak to a law firm before you talk about your injuries.

The above principle applies when it comes to settling a claim for personal injury or any related claims as any agreed settlement could prevent you from making the same claim twice in the future.

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