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You have found this page because you have a grievance with your employer and you would like a free grievance letter template to send to them.

A free grievance letter template is good because it allows you to quickly send a generic letter to your employer or boss to help resolve a personal problem that you have at work.

But beware! A lot of these letter templates have some big problems such as:


small red cross A template grievance letter WILL NOT address your specific issues

small red cross They contain very SIMPLE and INEFFECTIVE content

small red cross They are NEVER written from a legal viewpoint

small red cross They don’t come from ACTUAL solicitors – so you don’t get the effect you want

small red cross They often INFLAME the situation by using overly exaggerated and threatening language

small red cross AND standard grievance letter templates are highly UNLIKELY to get the action from your employer that you need.


Remember you have one opportunity to put your case to your Employer – make it count and get it right!

Oakwood Solicitors will draft a bespoke Grievance Letter just for you. This letter will get you the result(s) that you want. You will also get some free advice from us about the process of raising a grievance so that you are fully prepared and able to handle everything.

As a top Employment law team, we are often asked to pick up the pieces and fix situations where these generic letters have failed, which is what has led us to create this cost-effective service.

On the other hand, if you would like a free grievance letter that will fall short of your specific needs, then carry on with your search “free grievance letter template“.

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