GP Turns Away Mother Suffering from Cancer 15 Times

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GP Turns Away Mother Suffering from Cancer 15 Times

Kathy Craven 43 who has been battling breast cancer for five years was refused a new type of radiotherapy because of recent NHS cuts.
Mrs Craven was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and had a double mastectomy because of the history of the disease in the family.
In 2010 Mrs Craven felt the cancer had spread due to her feeling unwell. She visited her GP 15 times with symptoms but was not diagnosed. Following a private consultation and a CT scan Mrs Craven was diagnosed with cancer in her liver.
Doctors told her that SIRT treatment could prolong her life and might cut the size of the tumours in half.
Last week the medical team who treated Mrs Craven at Poole and Southampton hospital were informed that they were not allowed to treat her with the SIRT.
Mrs Craven kept returning to the GP displaying signs indicating that her cancer had begun to attack the liver the Daily Mail reported that GPs felt “she was probably to young for that to have happened.”
The breakthrough treatment which could have helped halve Mrs Craven’s cancer was removed from the Cancer Drugs Fund list after a clampdown.
The chemotherapy that Mrs Craven currently receives costs the NHS more than the radiation therapy she requested.
After discovering that the chemotherapy she’s having is no longer having an effect she is now looking into using the Selective Internal Radiation Therapy SIRT. The therapy injects tiny radioactive beads into the artery that supports the cancer.
The treatment was only available in this country two years ago through the Cancer Drugs Fund after Doctor Becky Smith fought for it after her local trust denied her the treatment.
Dr Smith received the treatment but died last year in May. Pending a review SIRT has now been axed – 500 patients could now stop receiving the treatment annually because of the decision.
Funding can be requested for ‘exceptional’ patients by doctors Mrs Craven’s case has been turned down twice.

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