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Grievance Procedure – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Do you have a clear and effective grievance procedure in place at your organisation within the UK? The highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Oakwood Solicitors could advise and assist with the drafting implementing and maintenance of clear and effective grievance procedures along with other company policies and procedures at your workplace to minimise the potential for disputes to arise that could be costly or time-consuming for your company.

ACAS published an article on their website with regards to the rating of a grievance at work.

The article informs is that "Employees should let the employee in the nature of the grievance and issues promptly" but also to "try to resolve any grievance informally in the first instance try to nip it in the bud". This can be beneficial for both employer and employee and employers should ensure they have policies and procedures in place that enable employees to discuss any issues that they have.

The article then tells of that "Employer should arrange any formal meeting without unreasonable delay and should carry out any necessary investigations to establish the facts of the case".

This is extremely important to ensure that swift and effective action can be taken to resolve the problem in the workplace. Failure to do so could mean result in subtle issues for the companies such as low morale and high staff turnover but could even mean that unhappy employee could bring an employment tribunal claim against the company.

It is a statutory right for an employee to be accompanied at an informal meeting by another member of staff or trade union representative and an employee should be allowed the right to appeal against any formal decision that is made.

Are you seeking expert legal advice with regards to the drafting and implementing effective grievance procedure into your company in the UK? The highly skilled professionals at Oakwood Solicitors could help you minimise the risk of dispute arising within your company by ensuring that you have a clear and efficient grievance procedure for your employees to raise any issues.

The above-mentioned ACAS article also advises that "Employers should have a grievance procedure in writing make sure all staff are aware of any policy or procedure".

The highly skilled professionals at Oakwood Solicitors could assist your organisation in drafting and implementing such policies and procedures to ensure they are clear and fully compliant with the ACAS code of practice.

The article further explains that grievances are "concerns problems or complaints raised by a member of staff". It tells is that "Any worker can sometimes have problems or concerns with their work working conditions or relationships with a colleague that they wish to raise management". This makes it especially important to have the policies and procedures are doing so readily available to all employees.

Make a no obligation call to the extremely helpful advisers at Oakwood Solicitors today for more information on the services that we could offer with regards to your company’s grievance procedure and helping you effectively manage any issues or disputes within your workplace in the UK on: 0113 200 9720.


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