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Grievances – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Are you seeking the help of a dedicated and experienced employment law expert to advise you on how to handle grievances within your new business that is based in Wakefield?

Then look no further than the dedicated team of employment law specialist at Oakwood Solicitors who will do everything in their power to ensure that your business is working within the correct guidelines laid out by the government. This will include ensuring that your businesses grievance procedure and the disciplinary procedure are up-to-date and contain the most recent legislation.

It is possible for an employee to make a formal grievance or complaint if they were unable to solve it with your informally. If an employee chooses to make a grievance against you then they must put this in writing. The information in the grievance procedure should be available in your employee’s Handbook contract of employment HR manual or intranet site.

The website states that the grievance procedure should include the following steps:

? The employee writing a letter to you setting out the details of the grievance

? Meeting with your employee to discuss the issues stated

? Allowing the employee to appeal against your decision if they do not agree with it

I?m not sure how to deal with grievances from my employees; can the experts at Oakwood Solicitors advise me on how to do this to ensure that a claim is not brought against me at an employment tribunal in Wakefield?

If you have received a grievance from one of your employees then it is imperative that you contact the experts at Oakwood Solicitors as soon as possible to ensure that you do not act incorrectly and run the risk of having a claim brought against you at an employment tribunal. If you are taken to an employment tribunal by an employee or former employee and a claim is made against you then this can be a time-consuming and costly process for you which is best avoided.

An article was published on the Personnel Today website on 25 January 2006 describing the aims of the grievance policy. It states that:

?The aim of a grievance procedure is to encourage consistency transparency and fairness in the handling of workplace problems or complaints. It should allow the employer to seek an informal resolution where appropriate but allow for more formal proceedings should the circumstances demand.?

The grievanceprocedure is included in the Employment Act 2002 and it must be followed in relation to ?any grievance about action by an employer that could form the basis of a complaint by an employee to an employment tribunal?

So if you are unsure how to respond to grievances made against you or your business then contact the experts at Oakwood Solicitors today on 0113 200 9720 and they will be happy to discuss your situation on a no obligation basis and advise you on your options whether your business is based in Wakefieldor anywhere else in the country.


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