Mrs Thompsonsuffered from harassment at work; Oakwoodemployment solicitorsgot compensation on her behalf.

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Mrs Thompson hadworked at a small family run bakery ever since she was originally employed there during the summer holidays.

She was in charge of the pasties and sandwiches. The boss’s son was taken on after he failed to get another job. He hated working in the family firm and he was extremely lazy. Our client was told that he would be working solely under her supervision and that she would be responsible for the breads made in the bakery too.

Mrs Thompson had not asked for a promotion nor was she paid extra for her new responsibilities but she tried her best to keep everything running smoothly. The boss’s son had a terrible attitude problem and used to swear at her if she asked him to do anything. She tried to do everything herself but with the extra department under her control there was too much work for her to do alone.

She constantly told her boss that she could not make his son work but eventually she could not face going back to work to be sworn at. She could not go in one day and she did not phone in sick either. It was the start of a breakdown caused by the stress at work. She was sacked by her boss because of not informing him of her illness.

I have been the victim of harassment at work; can I make a compensation claim?
Oakwood Solicitors managed to get an apology from her boss which was incredibly important for her state of mind and we also got her compensation for her treatment during that 6 month period. If Oakwood can help you after you have been the victim of harassment at work call 0844 499 9302today to see if you are entitled to compensation.

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