Mrs Berge was awarded compensation after she was harassed at work with the help of Oakwood employment lawyers giving advice on making a claim in the UK.

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Mrs Bergehad worked as an upholsterer for 9 years. She had been self-employed but she was head hunted by her boss 4 years ago.

She had brought some work to the business when she first joined and the company was very busy recently the work was becoming scarcer and her boss decided to put prices up. Work became evenscarcer and Mrs Berge was approached by her sister to do some work for her.

Her boss sacked our client for working without his permission and for using material from work. Mrs Berge had not been paid for the work she had done for her sister; she had only put removable covers on a sofa for her as a gift. Her sister had bought the material on her credit card for the sofa.

Mrs Berge suspected that she was sacked because there was not enough work for all 5 employees. I have been harassed at work and I would like an employment lawyer to give me advice about making a claimin the UK. After our involvement the manager has dropped the claim for reimbursement for the material and has agreed a reference with our client. Oakwood employment lawyers can help if you have been harassed at work with advice about any aspect of making a claimin the UK call:0844 499 9302 today.

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