Hate Your Job, Your Boss Or Both?

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We all have times where we absolutely hate our job or who we work with, and let’s be honest, apart from letting off steam to our friends, family or partners, few of us do anything about it.

FYI: If you are going to vent your anger or displeasure about your work, company, colleagues or management on social media, just remember that your boss or company might end up seeing what you say! Our recommendation is not to do it … step away from the keyboard.

But what if hating your work and workplace surroundings is becoming a serious issue? What if it is severally affecting your relationships with others and even your health?

Our first piece of advice is to find another job. While the job market is not as great as it used to be and competition is always high, you have to sometimes consider what would be the best option for you. It can sometimes be difficult to take a step back when emotions are running high to consider “is it really worth it?”

If leaving your current job is not an option, then we have a little more advice for you…..

Many people hate their working environment simply because they feel that they are being bullied or harassed at work.

Bullying and harassment takes many forms and how and why it happens can determine what type of legal claim you could pursue. Please see our guide for further information.

You may believe that you are being overworked, indeed we all seem to have more and more work to do, but under UK law you can claim against your employer if the excessive workload leads to deterioration in your health. Please see our excessive workload page for further information.

If you believe that any of these are true, then here are some realistic steps you can take to improve your situation.

  1. Let your boss (or company) know in a formal written grievance – if they don’t know how your working environment is affecting you then they cannot do anything to help you. It is important to have everything in writing so if you decide to seek legal advice, you are able to evidence your claim.
  2. Don’t simply go off on sick thinking the problem will go away – more often than not you’ll provide your employer with a valid reason to dismiss you.
  3. Don’t air your gripes on social media, this can lead to disciplinary action for bringing your company into disrepute and would be a valid reason to dismiss you.
  4. If, after you have explained your situation to your employer nothing changes then you may have a potential legal claim again them.
  5. Seek legal advice – we speak to a lot of people who miss out on viable claims because they took matters into their own hands with the incorrect legal knowledge.

If you need any legal advice, we at Oakwood Solicitors are happy to provide a free consultation.

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