Hearing Loss Claim Against The Royal Opera House

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Chris Goldscheider, a viola player of some renown, is claiming compensation from the Royal Opera House for damaging his hearing during a rehearsal in 2012. Mr Goldscheider is claiming that he suffered acoustic shock caused from the level of noise generated by the brass instruments being played immediately behind him.

Acoustic shock is caused by exposure to a high frequency, high intensity sound. It differs from injuries such as Noise Induced Hearing Loss in that it is caused by a comparably short period of exposure. Where Noise Induced Hearing Loss can occur after long periods of exposure to slightly quieter sounds, acoustic shock can be caused by short periods of exposure to extremely loud sounds. Both injuries, however, are capable of causing permanent hearing loss.

In addition to claiming damages for his injury, Mr Goldscheider is also claiming compensation for loss of future earnings as he believes that the injury has ended his music career. He also claims that he has been left unable to complete simple everyday tasks without the aid of hearing protection.

The effects of hearing loss are often overlooked, or dismissed as trivial and even humorous. For many people though, the symptoms caused can be debilitating and affect their everyday lives in many ways.

At Oakwood Solicitors we help clients who have suffered hearing loss, like Mr Goldscheider, obtain compensation for their injury. If you believe your hearing loss may be caused by noise damage, enquire with us for free today.


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