If you have experienced noise-related hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to excessive noise levels in the workplace in London or other major cities across the UK without being provided with the correct safety equipment to protect your ears you may be eligible to make an industrial deafness compensation claim on a ?no win no fee? basis with the experts at Oakwood Solicitors.

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Around 250000 workers in the UK experience some degree of occupational deafness or hearing loss caused by the noisy conditions of their workplace and approximately 1 million employees are potentially at risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss according to statistics provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). These workers in professions that involve constant exposure to high noise levels such as engineers construction workers those in call centres quarries or manufacturing industries.

The HSE set out the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 act to help to protect workers from having to endure high levels of noise in the workplace meaning employers have to look into keeping noise levels below 80 dB or if there are noise levels generated above this consistently employers must make workers aware of the dangers of noise exposure and provide and enforce the use of the proper ear protection for their workers.

Industrial deafness or noise-induced hearing loss is the term given to those who experience hearing loss as a result of being subjected to high levels of noise continuously in the workplace and if this was the case for you you may be eligible to claim compensation and the highly skilled staff at Oakwood Solicitors could help to ensure you achieve the best results possible as they have for many other victims of industrial deafness in London.

Mr D worked in manufacturing plants for 25 years. In the earlier years he was never given any warning of the dangers that working in the constantly noisy environments presented and ear protection was not available. He now suffers from major hearing loss in both ears accompanied by mild tinnitus. Oakwood Solicitors took on his claim on a ?no win no fee? basis after he presented the details of his case to us and our experienced staff were able to recover compensation totalling to £23250 on his behalf.

To find out if you could have Oakwood Solicitors represent you in your pursuit of noise-related hearing loss compensation on a ?no win no fee? basis call our dedicated team today on 0844 499 9302and one of our highly skilled advisors can discuss your case with no obligation with either yourself or a trusted representative making the call on your behalf.

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