Under UK laws if you are hearing impaired or you are deaf and it is related to your working environment you are legally entitled to claim industrial disease compensation by making a no win no fee claim a dedicated solicitor from Oakwood in Leeds can help you make an industrial disease claim for deafness compensation and will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure a successful compensation claim is made and that you are awarded the industrial deafness compensation you deserve.

 In Work Related Illness

No matter what level of industrial hearing impairment you have had inflicted on you as a result of poor health and safety in the workplace there is a dedicated deafness and disease solicitor here who can assess you claim and hopefully help you get the process of claiming industrial deafness compensation started.

Hearing impairments can range from hearing loss in one ear to hearing loss in both ears. Some hearing loss sufferers may only have hearing loss occasionally or may only be deaf to certain frequencies of sounds. Other hearing loss sufferers may have a mild case of hearing loss permanently others moderate hearing loss permanently. More unfortunate victims of industrial deafness may have developed a hearing impairment in both ears and cannot hear at all. No matter what level of hearing loss you have sustained and no matter how severe the damage is to your ears you are eligible to claim a compensation award because your hearing loss should never have happened. Your employer should have done everything in their power to control your exposure to noise in the workplace and prevent you from developing this affliction.

If you have been left hearing impaired or deaf and your impairment is directly associated with you having worked in an environment where the sound emissions are over the maximum exposure limits Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds can help you make an industrial disease claim for the deafness you have developed as a result of your workplace environment.

You can gain an industrial hearing impairment compensation award for the hearing impairment you have sustained whilst exposed to the sound levels in a dangerous work environment by making a no win no fee claim with the help of a dedicated and expert industrial disease solicitor from Oakwood.

All of the industrial disease solicitors from Oakwood are familiar with the health and safety regulations and will be able to identify in a matter of minutes if your employer was breaking the regulations and if this is grounds for us to start making a claim on your behalf. We did this for Mr I and as a result his case was settled for £14987.64.

If you have been rendered hearing impaired or you are deaf and you want to make a claim for industrial deafness compensation with the help of a specialist industrial deafness specialist from Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds you need to call us quickly so you do not miss out on your chance to claim the award you deserve on: 0844 499 9302.

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