Are you looking for experienced professionals to help you make your noise-induced hearing loss or industrial deafness compensation claim after being subjected to excessive noise levels in your workplace in London or elsewhere in the UK? Then look no further than the specialists at Oakwood Solicitors who are more than happy to accept eligible claims on a ?no win no fee? basis.

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Acoustic trauma or acoustic shock syndrome is a relatively new type of industrial disease most often associated with call centre workers who use poor quality audio equipment. It occurs when a person is subjected to an extremely loud noise or series of noises at close proximity to the ear such as a person shouting or gunshots. With no protection to the ears acoustic shock can cause irreparable damage.

There has been a huge increase in recent years in the number of cases of acoustic shock from call centre workers as more people are taking to this kind of employment. However even though headsets have been available from major manufacturers since the 1990’s that included noise limiters to protect the ears of the user if sound hits 118 dB or greater many cheaper models and internet phone headsets still lack these noise limiting features and the wearer is at risk if the person on the other end of the line shouts or if the headset causes sharp or unexpected noise.

If you have experienced noise-induced hearing loss or industrial deafness after prolonged exposure to high levels of noise in your working environment then you should speak with the experts at Oakwood Solicitors about making a compensation claim against your employer in London or elsewhere in the UK.

Miss S was unable to continue with her employment after suffering severe acoustic trauma whilst working in a call centre. The damage caused to her eardrum was so severe that she was left completely deaf in her left ear and suffering severe tinnitus frequently. The highly experienced specialists at Oakwood Solicitors handled Miss S’s claim for compensation on a ?no win no fee? basis securing her compensation to the sum of £28450.

To find out if you are eligible to make a noise-induced hearing loss or industrial deafness compensation claim on a ?no win no fee? basis after being subjected to continual high noise levels at your workplace in London call the dedicated team at Oakwood Solicitors who could guide you through the process or speak with a representative acting on your behalf today on: 0844 499 9302.

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