If you think you are entitled to hearing loss compensation you can check the table of compensation amounts on our website so you can get a rough idea of the amount of compensation you will be awarded. Alternatively you can speak directly to a highly qualified and experienced solicitor from the industrial illness and injury team at Oakwood Solicitors about the value of your claim. Until we have completed a full assessment of your claim we will not be able to tell you the exact amount of compensation we will expect to be able to secure on your behalf. Your compensation award for the industrial deafness you have developed at work is based on the level of deafness you have sustained amongst many different factors; all of these have to be analysed carefully in order to deduce if you have a valid compensation claim.

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We will always aim to get the best result possible for every client. For clients who are making an industrial deafness claim w will always aim to get the e amount that is the higher level of the band their injury falls into. The compassionate solicitors on the personal injury team at Oakwood understand just how traumatic it is to suffer the loss of a sense because you have not been looked after properly by your employers. If your employer is responsible for your injuries then they are responsible for awarding you with the compensation you deserve. No innocent victim should be left to suffer uncompensated because they have been injured through another’s carelessness or negligence.

A hearing loss compensation expert from the personal injury team at Oakwood Solicitors will check a table of recommended compensation awards against the details you provide them with to calculate the amount of compensation that we would expect you to receive. Compensation awards are banded into different levels but we will always aim to get the higher amount of compensation for the band that your injuries fall into. Our negotiation skills are exceptional and we will always carry on negotiations until we are satisfied that our clients are happy with the amount they are being offered and that the amount is appropriate for the level of deafness that the client has developed.

We negotiated carefully on behalf of Mrs O to ensure that she was awarded a total of £5670.00 for the hearing loss she developed as a result of her working conditions in an egg processing plant. Bothe Mrs O and her dedicated solicitor were satisfied with this result.

If you want a hearing loss compensation lawyer to check the table of estimated award values for your individual case then you are more than welcome to call us for a free evaluation of your industrial deafness claim. We will assess your eligibility to make a claim initially and then following a more in-depth assessment we will estimate the amount of compensation you are entitled to if you want to pursue your compensation case. To get your case started today on a no win no fee basis with a qualified and experienced legal professional call Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302

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