Heart Stats Shock

 In Clinical Negligence

Research by Leeds University and University College London has shown that there were approximately 33,000 deaths resulting from heart attack patients being provided with incorrect aftercare on the NHS. The study, based on data from 2003 to 2013, has been based on the most common form of heart attack which affects around 40,000 people per year.

There are 13 proven treatments that doctors ought to follow in treating heart attack sufferers which reduce the risk of further heart attacks. Of every 7 patients, 6 were found to have received only some of the proven treatments. Most commonly missed were advice on diet and stopping smoking as well as particular anti-clotting drugs.

The Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation, who funded the research, said “This study shows that many people in the UK are receiving suboptimal care after a heart attack and that lives are being lost as a consequence. Applying clinical guidelines in heart disease costs little and in the long-term saves money and, most importantly, saves lives.”

With someone suffering a heart attack every three minutes in the UK and 200 people dying from heart attacks before retirement every week, the statistics are shocking. Dr Chris Gale Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Health Sciences at Leeds University School of Medicine has described what the research has found as highlighting an “unacceptable deficit in the care being given to people” following a heart attack.

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