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It’s not always easy being a tenant; it sometimes seems that landlords are being given greater powers; tenants can be worried about upsetting Landlords as “revenge” evictions are seen as commonplace; plus increasing living costs are putting pressure on the ability to pay rents

If you think that you might be struggling to pay your rent then life becomes a struggle and it can be an incredibly stressful time.

But if you are a tenant that is having a tough time of it financially, there is help and advice out there.

In the first instance if you are struggling then we would always recommend that you take a look at your finances, your incoming and outgoing expenses – it doesn’t matter if you are paying a Landlord or a Mortgage provider, your rent/mortgage payment should be the first thing that you pay each month.

MoneySavingExpert has a great budget planner here.

Understand your finances, understand what you have coming in and what you NEED to spend money on.

Next talk to your Landlord if you think you might be struggling to pay your rent; you’ll be surprised how accommodating a vast majority of them can be; but remember that if the Landlord doesn’t get your rent then they might not be able to pay the mortgage on the property and you could end up losing your home anyway!

Other great sources of help

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Bureau offer free independent and confidential advice on a wide range of problems including housing and debt.

Tel: 03444 111 444


Shelter is a charity that offers help with housing, mortgage debt or problems with welfare benefits.

Tel: 0808 800 4444


StepChange is a debt charity that provides free advice on debt problems.

Tel: 0800 138 1111

Direct Gov

The Government’s own website provides useful information on a whole range of issues including Housing and Debt.

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