Help is available for hearing loss and deafness sufferers from the caring and dedicated professionals at Oakwood solicitors.

 In Work Related Illness

If you are suffering from partial or total hearing loss because you have worked in an excessively noisy environment without adequate protection then it is highly likely you will be eligible to make a compensation claim. The personal injury lawyers at Oakwood Solicitors will give you a free assessment of your personal injury claim for industrial deafness compensation if you think you are entitled to make a claim. After your initial assessment in which we will establish if you are eligible to start a case we can then offer you a more in depth assessment of your case to determine the amount of compensation we will expect to be able to achieve on your behalf.

The amount you actually receive at the end of your case will depend on how long you want us to carry on negotiation on your behalf. We will always aim to get the best possible result for you and you will always be given your options at each stage of the claiming process following an explanation of any developments that have been made with your case.

If you need help for the hearing impaired because you are experiencing hearing loss and deafness as a result of your excessively noisy working conditions you need to speak to a lawyer from Oakwood Solicitors as soon as possible.

We will offer you all of the advice and support you need to get a successful personal injury compensation case started. We will do this on a no win no fee basis and you do not have to pay a penny in upfront fees to get your claim started with us. You will have access to your own dedicated highly qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer throughout the entire process of making a claim. We are more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have about making a personal injury claim.

Mr I made a no win no fee claim using representation from one of the industrial illness lawyers from Oakwood Solicitors. Mr I had been working in a steel factory using a large grinding machine used to cut the steel. The noise from the grinder was very high well above safe noise exposure levels. Mr I noticed he frequently had to ask people to repeat themselves as he was only catching parts of sentences. His doctor diagnosed him with hearing loss and deduced it was most likely caused at work. Mr I came to Oakwood Solicitors for advice about making a claim and we acted on his behalf. Mr I was awarded a total of £6200.00 for the moderate hearing loss he developed at work.

To start your case for help with your hearing loss and deafness compensation claim or for advice about your eligibility to make a hearing injury claim you need to call Oakwood Solicitors today. There is an entire team of industrial deafness experts all of whom are trained to an exceptional standard waiting to take your call. For free advice and support call Oakwood Solicitors now on: 0844 499 9302

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