Our client tripped and suffered a terrible hip injury; he came to Oakwood for help with a claim for compensation in Manchester.

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Mr I was 48 years old when he sustained injuries following an accident in a public place. He tripped on some tarmac which had sunk and injured his hip and his elbow. He sustained multiple injuries such as bruising and abrasions to much of his body due to the accident.

Owners and directors of properties or places visited by the public are legally obliged to ensure that the environment is a safe one for the people who use the space in the way in which it is intended to be used. If this duty is being breached either by the negligence of the business or its members of staff then an accident could occur. If this has happened to you you should seek compensation if you have sustained any injuries as a result. The claim will be dealt with by the insurance company that has provided them with public liability cover; more often than not these claims are settled out of court and the compensation is paid quickly directly from the insurers.

If you have suffered a hip injury either in work or in a public place for which you feel you may be entitled to claim compensation in Manchester then Oakwood may be able to help you on a no win no fee basis.

Compensation can be awarded for any financial losses which are incurred by our clients as a direct result of their accident. In rarer cases emotional stress can also be given a financial settlement as can situations where a client has been facially disfigured and this may not cause physical impairment but it can be argued that this disfigurement may impact on the client’s ability to get work due to the permanent scarring which they have suffered.

Compensation will therefore always cover things like the wages that our client has lost and that they may lose as they recover it will also cover the travel costs to and from any hospital or doctors? appointments to discuss the injuries which have been sustained. Any parking costs which have been incurred on hospital and doctors? visits can be claimed as well. If the injuries to the client are more severe then the costs of modifying a car or home for the client will be paid out to enable the victim to have a similar standard of life after the accident as they had prior to it.

If you have had an accident which has caused a hip injury that you feel you could be entitled to compensation as a result then call Oakwood Solicitors in Manchester on: 0844 499 9302.

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