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It’s been brought to our attention that fraudsters and other parties are posing at Oakwood Solicitors in order to scam individuals or partake in other fraud activities, we ask everyone to be vigilant and be wary when speaking to businesses purporting to be Oakwood Solicitors.




Subject “Revised Contract”

We are aware that emails are circulating with the above Subject line and look like they have originated from “Laura Walton” but from the email address rehobothglobal4live@gmail.com, ben0379@gmail.com or anilateef@gmail.com, this isn’t a genuine email; Laura Walton was a Solicitor here at Oakwood Solicitors but the email is Spam. If you recieve this email then please do not open the attachment and delete the email.

Read the SRA Scan Alert here.


Hoax Emails



We have recently been informed of the unauthorised use of the Oakwood Solicitors brand, name by the above business who are claiming to be contacting individuals (via letter, and potentially emails and calls on our behalf).

This company claims to be Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA), using the SRA Number 512897. The SRA does authorise and regulate Oakwood Solicitors under the SRA Number 512897.



We have been made aware by individuals that telephone fraudsters are pretending to be Oakwood Solicitors by “cold-calling” individuals about their non-existent road traffic collision claims. If you are contacted by a suspicious business (either by telephone or Text Message) don’t give them any personal details. Please also be aware that Oakwood Solicitors do not engage in cold-calling.



Scams and frauds are often initiated by email, telephone, text and letter, and will often be associated with the claim that individuals can make a lot of money by making a claim, you should be very suspicious if you receive any contact that suggest that you are entitled to unclaimed banking funds, unclaimed inheritance, anything to do with shares or investments or access to compensation for false accident claims.

The intention of these fraudsters and criminals is to get either get money from you or some personal information (from which they can gain money by pretending to be you).

Be suspicious of any unsolicited contact, poor written emails, or contact from overseas. Never provide any personal information or money to anyone you don’t know personally.

We do use third parties, but if you are unsure if any communications are genuine or not, you can contact us via our contact page.

More information about frauds and scams, particularly these using law firm credentials can be found at Solicitors Regulation Authority.



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